Android At Mobile World Congress 2012: What To Expect And What To Look For

Last year’s Android Booth at Mobile World Congress was quite the spectacle. They had a two-story slide, OS flavored smoothies, and a ton of Android related tech and swag. We can’t wait to see what Google has in store for us this year as they’ve been teasing us with a countdown to the unveiling over at Android site. With only a couple days left, we’re going to take a look at what we can expect to see from various manufacturers and what to be on the lookout for. It should be an exciting event full of amazing devices and even sweeter Android treats.

Android Pins

Last year Google scattered an array of Android pins around partners’ booths for fans to collect and share. There were 86 in total and fans were running around on a sort of scavenger hunt trying to collect them all. This year the pins are back! The Android team has revealed the designs of this year’s MWC pins and has even put up a template for users to create their own and show it off. Then they’ll post their favorite designs at Mobile World Congress for everyone to see. Check out this year’s pins below and then hit up +Android for the template to create your own.


LG looks to make the biggest splash this year at MWC as they have announced not one, or two, but eight (actually I lost count) new devices! Here’s a list of some LG devices to keep an eye out for this year at MWC:


Not too much is going on at the HTC camp but one device many are hoping to see is the HTC One X. HTC’s new flagship device will sport a 1.5 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor among having a Sense 4.0 skin on top of Android 4.0. Below is a list of HTC devices to keep a look out for at MWC:


Yep, just Sony. Now that Ericsson is out of the picture, expect to see only Sony branding on the few phones they may or may not have on display at MWC. There’s not much to report on, some you’ve seen, some you haven’t:


The leading Android OEM won’t be showing off anything extraordinary like the Samsung Galaxy S III but they certainly won’t be empty handed either.


The only clear thing we expect to see from ASUS at this year’s MWC is the uniquely designed ASUS Padfone. The Padfone is a phone that fits in a tablet which fits into a keyboard dock. Yea, pretty cool. You can check out the teaser video below and stay tuned for more coverage.


ZTE isn’t a name you hear everyday but they plan on releasing a pair of Ice Cream toting LTE devices this year at MWC. Those devices are:

There will be other devices and manufacturers scattered around so don’t sleep on them as we’re sure someone will have a surprise or two. Also be sure to keep an eye out for Ubuntu for Android, Glu Mobile showing off Android Beam support on Gun Bros, and metaio’s Augmented City 2012. We’ll see you this Monday!