This is what it sounds like, when pigs fly. Photo: Warner Bros./5th Cell

This is what it sounds like, when pigs fly. Photo: Warner Bros./5th Cell

Scribblenauts has been on one device or another since 2009, and the latest version, Unlimited, is headed to mobile right now.

Main character and magic notebook owner Maxwell’s got a sister, Lily, who he’s gotten cursed thanks to his smart-ass ways. The pair go to see Edwin, one of the 40 other brothers and sisters of Maxwell and Lily (go figure), and find out that doing nice things for people is the only way to earn starite, the magical cure for Lily’s curse.

Free to download on Google Play and the App Store, Scribblenauts Unlimited brings a completely new storyline that reveals the backstory of Maxwell’s parents, 41 siblings, and of his twin sister Lily, not to mention how he acquired his magical notepad.


Microsoft has a new outlook on its email and calendar app. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Microsoft is merging two of its most popular mobile apps into one: Outlook email and Sunrise calendar. Outlook has always been a favorite among email users while Sunrise rose to fame for being both free and feature-packed. Combined as one, Microsoft is hoping the move enables users to more seamlessly glide between emailing and calendar tasks.

The result isn’t really a huge departure from what Microsoft currently offers in Outlook, since Outlook already has your calendars built in. Instead, it’s more about refining navigation within the app while additionally bringing in some features from Sunrise.

The biggest change is that the sun is setting on Sunrise. After Microsoft bought the calendar app just this year, the company is already pulling the plug on it.


Now you can anonymously share photos in your Yik Yak feed. Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

Yik Yak, the popular social networking app around college campuses, now lets users post photos in addition to their regular text posts. Being that the app relies on anonymous submissions, photos could significantly complicate that, so here’s the catch: you can’t post any photos of faces.

MRU Widget in action. Screenshots: Cloudy Day Apps

MRU Widget in action. Screenshots: Cloudy Day Apps

How many times have you opened up the recent apps menu to find something you were using just half an hour ago, and it’s hidden behind a long list of apps you’ve used since? With MRU Widget, that’s no longer a problem, because all of your recently-used apps are right on your home screen.

Color and Fade.001

Instagram has been inching towards being an all-in-one edit suite, and today the app took another small step in that direction.

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