Android enthusiasts are keen to highlight how the iPhone has dropped in the smartphone camera ranks in recent years. But a new camera comparison reveals that may not be the case.

Although there are some better options out there for low-light photography, Apple’s smartphone is still up there with the best when it comes to daytime shooting.

Skype is bringing screen sharing to its official mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The feature is now being tested in the latest beta build if the app. It makes Skype one of the first major messaging platforms to support screen sharing.

The iPhone user behind the wheel is twice as likely to post, chat and stream than those with an Android device, according to a website that compares car insurance quotes.

The Zebra surveyed more than 2,100 drivers about driving distractions, including device engagement, and broke down the numbers by operating system.

The massive rise of the smartphone is coming to a close, and Samsung is bearing the brunt of it.

As well as a manufacturer of its own handsets, Samsung also provides memory chips and display panels to other companies. Due to slowing demand for smartphones around the world, Samsung today revealed that its operating profits have plunged. It expects that its first quarter takings will be down by 60 percent compared to last year.

Apple could be gearing up to bring Chromecast streaming to its Apple Music app. Several mentions of the platform have been spotted inside the latest Apple Music update for Android — but it’s not official yet.

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