In an attempt to make itself more appealing to developers, Google is reportedly adding support for Apple’s popular Swift programming language to its mysterious new operating system, “Fuchsia.”

Nintendo has something sweet up its sleeve that will keep you entertained over Thanksgiving. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is finally coming to Android and iOS this week.

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone has received a massive price cut just two months after it started shipping.

The device was billed as a top contender to iPhone X when it made its debut in May. But supposedly weak demand has forced Essential to slash $200 off its price tag already.

Apple’s not the only company that’s had issues with OLED displays this year. According to early reviewers, Google’s Pixel 2 XL suffers from screen burn-in, which leaves faint outlines of the phone’s navigation buttons on the display.

Needless to say, that’s a bit of an issue if it turns out to be widespread. Google says that it is “actively investigating” the potential problem.

Apple and Samsung are headed back to court… again.

The two companies are still battling it out over a patent infringement lawsuit that was originally settled in 2012. A successful Samsung appeal means the most recent sum of damages will be reassessed at trial yet again.

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