The Galaxy S8 is packing more power than most of us will ever need in our pockets. It’s so fast that it has the ability to play GameCube games inside an emulator at full speed.

Candy Crush creator King will bring the next Call of Duty game to mobile devices.

The Swedish developer describes the project as the “career opportunity of a lifetime,” and says its challenge is to transform the franchise’s console experience that fans know and love.

At least one early prototype of the Galaxy S8 featured dual camera lenses just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

A leaked photo reveals Samsung stacked one camera module on top of the other, rather than side by side — but obviously decided against this design for the final model.

Twitter is making it easier for users to keep on tweeting even when they have a poor data connection.

The company today unveiled its new Twitter Lite web app, which is optimized to deliver a smooth and snappy experience over slow and spotty connections. You can access it in your browser, so you don’t even need to download to get started.

Windows can no longer claim the crown as the most popular operating system on the internet thanks to the rise of smartphones.

During the month of March, Microsoft finally saw its share of worldwide OS internet get eclipsed by Google’s Android operating system, marking the first time a mobile OS is more popular than the software powering PCs.

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