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Crowdfund Roundup bugWouldn’t it be great if you could capture stunning videos of sea life up to 196-feet deep without even getting your feet wet? You can with BIKI, the world’s first underwater drone for deep sea video recording.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We also have ultra-strong Kevlar Lightning cables, a modern cassette tape that’s also a standalone music player, an intelligent camera assistant that ensures you get a perfect shot every time, and more!

If you think cheating is the easy way to get ahead in Pokémon GO, think again.

Developer Niantic just rolled out a new update that punishes cheaters by only allowing them to catch lousy monsters.

The Pokémon Company just launched its latest game on Android and iOS, and it’s all about Magikarp.

Called Magikarp Jump, it sees you training a Magikarp to do about the only thing a Magikarp is good for: Jumping!

Can you get yours to jump the highest?

SEGA arcade hit Crazy Taxi is now free to play on Android and iOS.

The game has also been updated to support 64-bit processors, which means it will continue to be playable after Apple kills 32-bit apps with iOS 11 later this year.

The official Gmail app for Android and iOS is getting Google’s impressive Smart Reply feature.

By taking advantage of machine learning, Smart Reply can help you power through outstanding emails in your inbox by suggesting suitable replies that are friendly and conversational.

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