Google’s next-generation Pixel smartphones will finally give pure Android lovers an alternative to the iPhone’s 3D Touch. But it won’t be anywhere near as good.

Instead of using pressure-sensitive displays like Apple, the company is said to be ripping off the new HTC U11’s squeezable edges.

Twitter’s latest update gives users more control over the notifications they receive. It’s now easier than ever to block pesky alerts while still receiving those you want to see.

Spotify has begun testing a new Driving Mode feature on mobile that makes its app easier to control behind the wheel. It offers larger buttons, supports voice control, and announces songs before they play.

Thanks to Apple’s engineering magic, the iPhone has long outpaced its Android-powered rivals.

In real-world speed tests, the iPhone can blaze past high-end competitors from the likes of Google, Samsung and LG, despite slower processors and less RAM. But not anymore. We finally have an Android device that packs more power than the iPhone 7 — and that’s the OnePlus 5.

Samsung is hoping to attract iPhone owners to its new Galaxy S8 lineup with a revamped Smart Switch website.

The company highlights just how easy it can be to swap iOS for Android and take all of your data with you in just a few steps.

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