Galaxy S20 vs. iPhone 11: 5 features Apple should steal in 2020

The wait for Samsung’s impressive newest smartphone lineup is almost over. The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra go on sale next month, with prices starting at $999.

You probably won’t be ditching your iPhone to get one if you’re a big fan of iOS, but you might be a little jealous of those who are. Samsung’s new devices offer a number of awesome new features iPhone users can only dream of for now.

Here are five that Apple should steal in 2020.

Galaxy S20 vs. iPhone 11

First, let’s compare the new Galaxy S20 lineup with its iPhone rivals. There are three models to choose from — two that directly compete with iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, and another that packs the very best Samsung has to offer.

Here’s how they all stack up.


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5 features iPhone should steal from Galaxy S20


The obvious feature iPhone must adopt above all else in 2020 is lightning-fast 5G connectivity. Almost all of Apple’s competitors are embracing the technology, leaving iPhone and its aging LTE data speeds behind.

5G has the potential to reach speeds up to 100x faster than those of 4G. The fastest 5G technology, known as mmWave, can handle data at up to 10Gbps. That’s faster than the majority of us get from fiber broadband to our homes.


5G gives you lightning-fast data connectivity.

It will likely be years before we actually see speeds anywhere near that limit. But some carriers are already delivering more than 1Gbps in some cities, which is impressive when you consider the 4G average in the U.S. is just 28.8 Mbps.

The good news is that 5G is on the cards for this year’s iPhone refresh. It is believed all three of Apple’s flagship devices will support mmWave networks — including iPhone 11’s more affordable successor.

120Hz display

All three Galaxy S20 handsets pack a wonderfully smooth 120Hz display. It’s not always active — the refresh rate is adjusted automatically depending on what you’re doing — but when it’s maxed-out, it’s terrific.

Apple is already using 120Hz ProMotion displays in iPad Pro, and they’re a great addition. They make everything feel buttery-smooth and are particularly sweet when playing games like Fortnite.

Rumor has it iPhone will also get ProMotion displays this year, and we would love to see it. Other Android vendors are also offering speedier screens, so Apple would be falling behind if it doesn’t catch up soon.

Space Zoom

Smartphone makers aren’t just competing on camera quality anymore; they’re now competing on camera specifications. Apple was one of the first to give us 2x optical zoom with iPhone XS, but Samsung just stamped all over that.

The Galaxy S20 and S20+ offer 3x optical zoom, with up to 30x “Super Resolution Zoom.” The Galaxy S20 Ultra takes a gigantic leap forward with 10x optical zoom and a staggering 100x Super Resolution Zoom.


100x zoom will blow your mind.

Samsung’s cameras let you get closer than ever before to your subject. You can take a detailed photo of a dog on the sidewalk … from the roof of a skyscraper on the other side of the street. It’s amazing.

There’s a slim chance iPhone will match the Galaxy S20’s 3x optical zoom this year — and that would be a nice improvement — but we would love to see it competing with the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera capabilities.

Two-way charging

Remember when we thought iPhone 11 would offer two-way wireless charging? Apple actually installed the necessary hardware in iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, teardowns revealed, but almost five months on, it is yet to activate it.

Apple needs to change that in 2020. Two-way wireless charging is incredibly useful for those who carry smartwatches and wireless headphones, allowing for quick and easy top-ups — without wires — while you’re on the go.

The feature lets your smartphone double as a wireless charging mat, so you can turn it over and place a compatible device on its back to charge it up.


DeX might not have taken off yet, but Samsung is still pushing it year after year. That’s because it’s a great idea — one that Apple could execute even better with full control over the iPhone’s software.

DeX essentially turns your smartphone into a computer. You hook your handset up to an external display, keyboard, and mouse and you get a desktop interface that lets you be more productive on the move.


Apple won’t give us DeX for iPhone, but we can dream.

It’s highly unlikely Apple will adopt a feature like this. It would rather sell you a MacBook instead. But we can dream.