Instagram is finally clamping down on fake accounts that aren’t controlled by real users.

Instagress, a service that helped Instagram users gain additional followers for a fee, has been forced to shutdown as a result of the crackdown.

Samsung isn’t giving up on its Galaxy Note lineup following last year’s exploding battery fiasco. According to one reliable analyst, a Galaxy Note 8 is coming with a dual-lens camera that will be “much better than that of the iPhone 7 Plus.”

Crowdfund Roundup bugToday’s smartphone cameras are capable of taking exceptional photos and videos, but they’re lacking some things — like brighter flashes and professional microphones. You can add these things and still be portable with the impressive miniRIG.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We also have the world’s smallest tactical pocket knife, a neat device that turns any surface into a smart interface, and more!

The Galaxy S8 might be packing a brand new Qualcomm processor, and it might outpace the iPhone 7 easily in benchmark tests. But when it comes to real-world performance, Apple’s 7-month-old smartphone proves it’s still king.

The Galaxy S8 is packing more power than most of us will ever need in our pockets. It’s so fast that it has the ability to play GameCube games inside an emulator at full speed.

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