Instagram ups its edit game with new tools

Color and Fade.001

Instagram has been inching towards being an all-in-one edit suite, and today the app took another small step in that direction.

Two new tools, “Fade” and “Color,” are coming to Instagram on Android and iOS. The Color tool lets you adjust yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan and green shadows or highlights in an image, which opens the door for all kinds of interesting looks. The Fade tool softens the blacks in an image to give a more etherial, old school film effect.

With the rising popularity of full-fledged mobile editors like VSCO Cam, Instagram has been adding more robust editing tools over the last year to complement its iconic filters. The goal is obviously to keep you in the Instagram app as much as possible.

An update with the new tools is available on Google Play for Android today, and in an interesting twist, the iOS app won’t get the update for a “few days.”

Source: Instagram