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Today Facebook unveiled the future of Messenger, and it’s actually quite ambitious.

It’s clear that the social giant wants Messenger to be the one-stop for not just messaging, but all sorts of app interactions. Businesses will also be able to chat directly with customers through Messenger, which opens the door for communicating directly with brands like never before.

Sending money in Facebook Messenger is that easy.

Sending money in Facebook Messenger is that easy.

Facebook is taking on Square, PayPal, and Venmo with its own digital payments service. Starting today, Facebook Messenger will allow users to instantaneously transfer real money at zero cost.

Billy for Android. Screenshots: Killian Bell/Google Play.

Billy, a new Android app for music lovers, helps you keep up with current music trends by presenting you with the latest Billboard chart and allowing you to sample each and every track. It also gives you handy links to official YouTube videos, and helps you find albums by the artists you enjoy.


Voxox has been around on iOS for years now, but this week it finally arrived on Android. And while it may at first look like just another Skype clone, it has some features that make it worth looking at as an alternative.

The app is free, and it comes with a ridiculously long list of features included. One of the coolest is being able to share your location with another Voxox user, regardless of whether either user is on the Android or iOS version of the app. The app will also let you record calls made form the app for free, and you can get a free phone number for making calls outside the Voxox system.


The Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are among the first mainstream Android devices to include an IR blaster, which allows the user to control their TVs and accompanying DVR by using the in-built TV app. However, the IR blaster on these handsets can act as a universal remote for any device, which has an infrared sensor, including your TV, Air conditioner, Music system, DVD players and more.

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