Voxox Arrives On Android, Allows Location Sharing With iOS Voxox Users


Voxox has been around on iOS for years now, but this week it finally arrived on Android. And while it may at first look like just another Skype clone, it has some features that make it worth looking at as an alternative.

The app is free, and it comes with a ridiculously long list of features included. One of the coolest is being able to share your location with another Voxox user, regardless of whether either user is on the Android or iOS version of the app. The app will also let you record calls made form the app for free, and you can get a free phone number for making calls outside the Voxox system.

Here’s a full list of features from the press release; and even though the list is fairly long, some cool features — like being able to create faxes using your phone’s camera and send them to any fax number in the U.S. or Candada — aren’t yet available on the Android version.

· Free calling and messaging – Calls and text messages with other Voxox users are always free and unlimited
· Free phone number – Get a free US phone number to ensure easy communication between Voxox and non-Voxox users
· Mobile and landline support – Call and message friends who aren’t using Voxox yet for free or at low rates all over the world
· Photo and video sharing – Capture photos and videos with Voxox or share from the phone’s gallery
· Location and map sharing – Share a location with friends with the click of a button
· Offline messages – Push notifications alert users when a friend is trying to reach them
· Friend finder – Voxox imports a user’s contacts and automatically finds friends who use Voxox to improve communication
· Profile – Users can customize profile picture and status message
· Voicemail to text –Voxox automatically turns voicemail messages into text messages
· Reach Me Anywhere – Forward incoming calls to any of your other phone numbers to ensure calls are never missed
· In-call features: Easily record, transfer, or conference in calls