Billy helps you discover new music by sampling Billboard hits

Billy for Android. Screenshots: Killian Bell/Google Play.

Billy, a new Android app for music lovers, helps you keep up with current music trends by presenting you with the latest Billboard chart and allowing you to sample each and every track. It also gives you handy links to official YouTube videos, and helps you find albums by the artists you enjoy.

Do you ever feel like you’re growing out of touch with the latest music? How many times have you heard your friends or your kids talking about an awesome new track that you haven’t even heard of yet? Well, with Billy, a free download from Google Play, you can’t miss what’s topping the Billboard charts.

Billy lets you scroll through the top tracks in pop, rock, and dance, and it provides artwork and artist and album details for each one. You can listen to samples pulled from SoundCloud for each one, and if official YouTube videos are available, Billy will let you watch those, too — all without leaving the app.

Billy also provides artist descriptions and links to their top albums, so if you like a track so much you want to hear more from that artist, it’s super simple. And best of all, it’s completely free to use.

Download Billy from Google Play now using the link below and check out the top Billboard tracks you’re missing out on.