Smart IR Remote Converts Your Galaxy S4 and HTC One Into A Universal Remote


The Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are among the first mainstream Android devices to include an IR blaster, which allows the user to control their TVs and accompanying DVR by using the in-built TV app. However, the IR blaster on these handsets can act as a universal remote for any device, which has an infrared sensor, including your TV, Air conditioner, Music system, DVD players and more.

To use the IR blaster on your One or S4 as a universal remote, the users need an app that has a huge database of IR codes for various devices. While XDA forums are filled with such IR remote apps, they have a very limited database or have an absolutely terrible UI. In comes Smart IR Remote from Color Tigers, which is — unarguably — the best Infrared remote app on the Play Store.

The application has a very simple and easy to use interface, and supports more than 500,000 IR devices. Adding a device is ridiculously easy, and the app also allows you to edit the layout of the remote for quick access to your most used buttons. That’s not all, though, as Smart IR Remote includes quite a few unique features like the ability to automatically mute your TV during an incoming call, macros to execute a bunch of commands at once, and automated tasks.

The application also has Chat Heads like functionality, allowing users to overlay a remote on top of any other running application. On the Galaxy S4, Smart IR Remote supports Air Gestures, allowing users to change channels or volume by simply waving their hand above the phone’s proximity sensor. The developers are also testing Tasker integration on their beta builds, which should makes it way to the final build on the Play Store sometime soon.

All this functionality and features come at a price though. Smart IR Remote costs $10, but thankfully, the developers are currently offering it for half the price until September 28. The app will work on any Samsung and HTC device that sports an IR blaster, including the One, Galaxy S4 and other Galaxy Note devices.