disa_im_header is a new app on the Play Store, currently in alpha, that aims to bring a unified messaging inbox for all the various messaging services out there. Currently, the application only supports the traditional SMS and Whatsapp, but the developer is working hard on adding Facebook Messenger integration as well. 


Ever since Ice Cream Sandwich was released, beautifully designed apps started making their on the Play Store. Now, it has become a norm, rather than an exception to find beautifully designed apps and widgets on the Play Store. However, even with so many agenda widgets available on the Play Store, I have never been able to find one that looked as good as the stock HTC Sense calendar widget.

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Yahoo has one of the best looking weather apps out there, but until now it has only been available in Apple’s App Store. After Apple gave it a prestigious design award and then proceeded to rip it off wholesale in the official iOS 7 weather app, Yahoo has released an Android version for free in Google Play.

The app uses lightweight text to display basic weather info at first glance. Flickr is tapped to provide the stunning imagery that matches the current condition. More detailed info can also be accessed, including a 10-day forecast, wind speeds, and humidity. It’s a gorgeous app that works well. Get it for the backgrounds alone.

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Transit is one of the most popular navigation apps in the iOS App Store, and today it landed in Google Play. With support for 43 cities, the app prides itself on beautifully displaying public transit routes and getting you where you need to go.


Google Play is home to a ton of Android apps, but sometimes it can be hard to find the truly great ones. In what it’s calling the “Beautiful Design” Google Play collection, Google has complied a list of some of the most gorgeous Android apps out there.

“Attention to detail makes an app truly beautiful: transitions are fast and clear, layout and typography are crisp and meaningful, and design touches that delight you in surprising ways are sprinkled throughout.” There are 13 apps in the list, and Google plans to refresh the lineup and make new additions in the future.

You can find more info about which apps made the cut at the source link below.

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