Playstation Certification Coming To HTC Phones Later This Year [Rumor]

According to sources at Pocket-lint, HTC is set to become the first non-Sony company to have its mobile devices Playstation certified. Playstation certification gives manufacturer devices access to numerous Playstation titles. It’s a great opportunity for Sony to licence out their suite to manufacturers who can then provide one extra feature to entice customers. It makes more sense than limiting the suite to outdated mobile hardware that no one wants to buy anyways.

I would love to start seeing more Playstation certified devices and would definitely consider purchasing one over a non-certified device of similar specs. HTC, who seems to love making these brand-recognition deals (think Beats audio), will be the first to test out the waters, and according to Pocket-lint, they should give some sort of announcement this month at Mobile World Congress.

So, would you like to see more devices become Playstation certified? Do you think this will help HTC boost its sales or is it simply more gimmicks without supporting hardware?