HTC One X Press Shot Leaks Ahead Of Mobile World Congress

One has to wonder if there will be any surprises at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Almost every OEM has already announced their devices, videos, images, etc., and now we’re seeing a leaked press shot of the HTC One X (aka Endeavor, Edge) which has apparently undergone some changes. This image paints quite a different picture from the one we saw last week as HTC seems to have dropped the four button lineup in favor of the three button ICS design.

HTC may have dropped a capacitive button from the HTC One X but one thing that clearly remains is HTC Sense 4.0. I’m definitely not a fan of a skinned Android 4.0 and find it quite hideous to look at, but to each his own I guess. Well, we’re only days away from actually getting this device in our hands so be sure to check back for the full skinny on a device that has undergone more facelifts than Joan Rivers.