Did Samsung’s Website Reveal The Existence Of A Galaxy Note 10.1?

Could there be a 10″ Samsung Galaxy Note tablet in the works for Mobile World Congress? According to Samsung’s Developer Day guide for MWC, there will be a few exhibitions where developers will get to play with Samsung’s latest tech. Among the devices listed is an unannounced Galaxy Note 10.1. We could simply chalk this up to a typo, but it seems the guys over at The Verge did a little digging and came across a casting call for a Samsung commercial, inviting a “teen student” to audition for the role of a Galaxy Note 10.1 user.

As you can see from the ad, the device will show off numerous typical functions of a tablet with the “art” demo most definitely showing off the S-Pen. Samsung has hinted at the use of the S-Pen on larger screens, and a Galaxy Note 10.1 could be just the device to show off this functionality.

We were hoping Samsung would have something to show off at MWC but we where doubtful after the Galaxy S III delay and the lack of a press conference, but now, this little bit of mystery has us hopeful Samsung won’t be a total letdown. We’ll keep you posted if we learn anything new regarding this possible Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.