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Chinese smartphone maker Meizu has announced a new superphone that blows the latest offerings from rivals like Samsung and LG right out of the water. It’s called the MX4 Pro, and in addition to an attractive form factor, it has a super-sharp “2K+” display, a fingerprint scanner, and a speedy eight-core processor.

Lollipop looks sweet on the Galaxy Note 3. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Lollipop looks sweet on the Galaxy Note 3. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Samsung hasn’t begun rolling out its Android 5.0 updates to consumers yet, but that hasn’t stopped pre-release builds from making their way out into the wild. We’ve already seen Lollipop with TouchWiz running on the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S4, and now the five-minute clip below gives us a glimpse at it on the Galaxy Note 3.


Google Play Edition Ones will get Lollipop next week. Photo: Google

If you have a Google Play Edition HTC One, you could next in line to get an Android 5.0 Lollipop update. HTC’s Vice President of Product Management has confirmed that the Taiwanese company is planning to roll out Google’s latest Android update for these handsets as early as next week.

Photo: Samsung

Look familiar? Here’s where Samsung’s beacon technology will be used. Photo: Samsung

Samsung just can’t leave Apple alone. When it’s not mocking the Cupertino company in ads, or pleading for its chip-making business, it’s stealing its ideas.

Today, Samsung announced two new creations rolling off its Xerox machine out of its R&D labs: an iBeacon-style proximity beacon technology, and an OS X Yosemite Continuity-inspired feature that lets users sling webpages, phone calls and much more from one device to another.

Galaxy Note 4 not provided. Photo: Samsung

Galaxy Note 4 not provided. Photo: Samsung

When Samsung’s Gear VR headset was announced earlier this year, my colleague Killian Bell wrote that if this “isn’t the coolest smartphone accessory ever made, then I don’t know what is.”

For those who don’t know, the Gear VR is a device — resembling a giant pair of ski goggles — that turns your Galaxy Note 4 into a virtual reality headset. There’s even the option to activate the Note 4’s rear-facing camera to see what’s happening around you while you’re wearing it.

If the idea sounds interesting to you, you’ll be happy to hear that Samsung has finally announced both a shipping window and price for the Gear VR.

How much will it set you back? Read on to find out.

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