The new iSight camera packed into iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s best yet, according to tests carried out by the experts at DxOMark. It has been improved by a wider aperture, support for a wide color gamut, and faster autofocus.

But it’s not quite enough to beat the cameras found in Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphones.


Samsung no doubt hoped its Galaxy Note 7 nightmares would be over when it completed its costly recall and reissue of the next-gen smartphones, after the first batch of units were reported as bursting into flames — and even torching one family’s Jeep.

Unfortunately, it seems that problems linger, as one Chinese tech worker found out this week.


Samsung’s mistake of shipping Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that have a tendency to explode could have boosted sales of the iPhone. According to a new survey, 26 percent of people who returned the hot handset are switching to Apple.


Google is launching a new YouTube Go app that will finally allow users to download videos for offline playback. You’ll be able to choose the quality of the video you save, and the app will tell you exactly how much storage space is required for each clip.


Known for ripping off Apple in the past, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has beaten Cupertino in bringing to market a futuristic ultrasonic fingerprint sensor reported to be the same one Apple plans to use for the iPhone 8.

In its new Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus handsets, Xiaomi debuts a new “ultrasonic fingerprint sensor,” which promises to be more accurate than current fingerprint sensors. Check out a video of it in action below.

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