It’s time to dig out and dust off your old Android devices because you finally have a new use for them. Thanks to CamioCam, you can turn any Android device with a built-in camera into a security system that will allow you to monitor your home remotely while you’re away.

So you can see whether the dog’s been in the trash, whether your package has been delivered, and check your home is safe and secure without even leaving your desk at work.


Confide, a new “off the record” messaging app for Android, allows you to send self-destructing messages to your friends. After they’ve been read, your messages automatically disappear forever, ensuring that your private conversations remain just that.


You love everything the Galaxy S5 has to offer — except its somewhat tacky plastic form factor. What if you could get one that ditched the Band-Aid-like backplate for one covered in Swarovski crystals?

You’ll be able to in May, when Samsung launches its new Galaxy S5 Crystal Collection, teased in the short video below.


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the hugely popular kart racing game that features Sonic and a number of other famous video game characters, is now available for free on Android and iOS.

SEGA hopes that making the title free will improve its multiplayer experience, and the company has new updates planned to introduce new characters, tracks, and modes that will keep new and old players coming back for more.


Despite criticisms about its cheap plastic form factor and slow TouchWiz operating system, the Galaxy S5 has become Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone to date. The device has been so successful that during its launch weekend earlier this month, it sold more units than the iPhone 5s.

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