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Are you one of those annoying people who types loudly even when you’re on a conference call? Well, thanks to a new Google Hangouts update, your colleagues won’t hate you quite so much anymore. The popular messaging platform now blocks out the sound of clacking keyboards during calls to save everybody’s sanity.


WhatsApp, which currently has 300 million users, recently updated its application on Google Play bringing with it a new feature which will enable users to record and send voice memos simply by clicking the microphone button.


HTC has confirmed that it will be introducing a new microphone to its new HTC One to sidestep a dispute with Nokia. As we reported earlier this week, the handset’s existing high-amplitude microphone supplied by STMicroelectronics was designed exclusively for Nokia and should not have been sold to rival smartphone makers.

HTC One handsets that have already been built with this microphone are safe, and they have not been hit with a preliminary injunction as first thought.

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I’m sure we’ve all been on the end of a VoIP call with someone who likes to type loudly while you’re talking to them. It’s rude and it’s annoying, particularly if they’re using a microphone built into a notebook. But a new feature built into Google+ means you’ll never have to hear that sound again during a Hangout.

Google+ now automatically mutes your microphone when it detects that you’re typing, saving other participants from your tap-tap-tapping.

Denim never looked better.

Discovering great headphones from a company that specializes in making bags was surprisng at first, when we reviewed Incase’s Sonic headphones late last year. A month later we were less stunned when we grunted in approval at their Capsule in-ear ‘phones during our budget(ish) canalphone shootout.

This time around we played with a new denim-clad version of the on-the-ear Incase Reflex headphones ($80) — which sit between the $150 over-the-ear Sonic and the canalphone Capsules — and came away with the impression that the Reflex may very well be the best bang-for-buck of the bunch.