Google Hangouts now blocks out the infuriating sound of your keyboard

Hangout-Updates_6 (1)

Are you one of those annoying people who types loudly even when you’re on a conference call? Well, thanks to a new Google Hangouts update, your colleagues won’t hate you quite so much anymore. The popular messaging platform now blocks out the sound of clacking keyboards during calls to save everybody’s sanity.

Hangouts has long been able to automatically mute microphones when it detects the sound of a keyboard, but of course, that also blocks out the sound of the keyboard’s user as well. So for those who like to type while they speak, Google has devised a way to filter out the keyboard sound while still picking up voices.

“We’ve improved our ambient noise filters so now, instead of muting you entirely when you’re typing, we’ll detect the key clicks and only filter those out,” the search giant explained in a Google+ post.

The update only applies to Hangouts in the web browser, unfortunately, so the same feature won’t be found on Android or iOS — at least not yet. But of course, Android and iOS devices so don’t keyboards, so this is only an issue there if you’re in a conference call on your phone while typing loudly at your desk.