HTC One Will Get New Microphone Following Nokia Dispute


HTC has confirmed that it will be introducing a new microphone to its new HTC One to sidestep a dispute with Nokia. As we reported earlier this week, the handset’s existing high-amplitude microphone supplied by STMicroelectronics was designed exclusively for Nokia and should not have been sold to rival smartphone makers.

HTC One handsets that have already been built with this microphone are safe, and they have not been hit with a preliminary injunction as first thought.

The microphone in question was designed for Nokia’s Lumia 720, and the Finnish firm had exclusivity on it for 12 months. But before that exclusivity was over, STMicroelectronics sold the component to HTC for its latest Android flagship. Nokia was understandably upset.

The company then took STMicroelectronics to court in the Netherlands and managed to secure an injunction that prevents the microphone from being sold to other parties. However, the ruling will not affect sales of the HTC One as previously thought.

“Nokia’s attempt to obtain a recall of microphones already sold to HTC failed,” HTC said this week.

This is great news for HTC, because it means the Taiwanese company won’t have to recall all the handsets that have already been sent to carriers and retailers and have them changed. But it will have to introduce a new microphone to the One going forward.

The One’s launch hasn’t been as smooth as HTC had hoped. Because the company has been struggling in the smartphone business in recent years, some suppliers downgraded its status and refused to give it priority for certain components. That’s led to production delays, and the One’s launch has had to be postponed in some markets.

On the bright side, the handset has been getting exemplary reviews, and many believe it’s the best Android handset available right now. Whether that will give the device any chance against Samsung’s Galaxy S4 remains to be seen, but it certainly deserves it.