Nokia Secures Preliminary Injunction Against The HTC One In The Netherlands


HTC hasn’t had much luck lately. The Taiwanese company has rolled out some terrific smartphones that have somehow struggled to compete with Samsung’s offerings, and just when it launches a device that looks like it’s going to be a real winner it suffers a component shortage and now a preliminary injunction.

Nokia has been granted the ban in the Netherlands by the Amsterdam district court due to a pair of microphones that feature in the HTC One.

The high-amplitude microphones used by HTC are allegedly exactly the same as those used in Nokia’s Lumia 720. But that’s okay — electronic devices share the same components all the time, right? Not in this case. You see, those microphones were “invented by and manufactured exclusively for Nokia.”

That means Nokia created them for its own devices, and it hasn’t agreed to let other smartphone manufacturers use them. According to a source for Engadget, it appears that the mic’s manufacturer, ST Microelectronics, breached its agreement with Nokia when it supplied the components to HTC.

It’s unclear how much HTC really knew about this agreement, but even so, its new smartphone is still packing a component that it shouldn’t be.

“HTC is disappointed in the decision,” the company told Engadget after the preliminary injunction was granted. “We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately.”

For now, the injunction applies only in the Netherlands, but it’s possible Nokia will be seeking the same in other territories.