WhatsApp Update Brings New Voice Memo Features


WhatsApp, which currently has 300 million users, recently updated its application on Google Play bringing with it a new feature which will enable users to record and send voice memos simply by clicking the microphone button.

Prior to this update, users were cursed with a 2-minute recording limit, but thankfully the team behind WhatsApp have finally removed all length restrictions for recorded messages.

In order for users to listen to their incoming voice recordings more swiftly, audio playback now happens within the application itself, instead of the app automatically opening Android’s built-in media player.

When a user selects a voice memo to listen to, playback will automatically switch from the handset’s loudspeaker to its earpiece when the device is held to a user’s ear.

In addition, when a recipient listens to one of their spoken messages the mic icon will turn blue, thus informing you that this messages has already been played.

Click the source link below to download the WhatsApp update on Google Play.