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TuneIn is also streaming a bunch of NFL shows. Photo: TuneIn

TuneIn is also streaming a bunch of NFL shows. Photo: TuneIn

TuneIn Premium, the radio streaming app for Android and iOS, just got an awesome new update that lets you tune into live NFL games.

Subscribers get access to play-by-play feeds for all 32 NFL teams, including both the home and away feeds and national radio broadcasts.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that he is upholding the four game suspension the league gave Tom Brady for his role in Deflategate earlier this year, all because the four-time Super Bowl champion refused to hand over his cellphone.

The New England Patriot quarterback told fans this morning that he’s disappointed with the league’s decision, but he’s got a perfectly good explanation as to why he couldn’t give investigators his phone to access to his text messages – he had just switched to the iPhone 6.


As one of the biggest media companies in the world, Google has been dying to break into TV and while its latest offerings have been tempting, a new report suggests Google is considering buying access to the most popular sport in America.


No, that headline isn’t wrong — Samsung has actually made a Galaxy commercial for the Super Bowl that doesn’t such. It features Knocked Up stars Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, who play two writers pitching ideas for Samsung’s next commercial to Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk.

It doesn’t mock other companies or rival devices, and it’s actually pretty hilarious. Check it out below.

Looks like Verizon was waiting until they had a device on their network that was actually running Android 4.1 before updating their NFL Mobile app. I guess that makes a bit of sense, however, they still could have pushed out Android 4.1 sooner. Back to the subject at hand: NFL Mobile.

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