Google Might Be Looking To Buy NFL’s Sunday Ticket Package


As one of the biggest media companies in the world, Google has been dying to break into TV and while its latest offerings have been tempting, a new report suggests Google is considering buying access to the most popular sport in America.

While the NFL’s deal with DirecTV for the NFL Sunday Ticket package doesn’t end until the end of the 2014 season, AllThingsD reports that Google CEO Larry Page and YouTube content chief Robert Kyncl, met with a delegation from the NFL, and the Sunday Ticket Package was part of the discussion.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his crew are making their way around Silicon Valley to meet with companies on their annual trip to talk tech, so any talks of a deal are too informal at this point to get too excited about. However, it’d make sense for Google to add the NFL’s content to YouTube and stream it to smart TVs across the country.

DirecTV’s deal with the NFL currently costs the company $1 billion a year, which is chump change to The Goog, and would help the company finally make an impact in the TV space.

The NFL looks like it’s open to exploring innovative ideas for content distribution away its traditional networks like Fox, ESPN, CBS and NBC. Maybe putting the nerdiest tech company on the planet in charge of piping America’s most brutal sport to TVs across the country is a match made in heaven.