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Android Wear's awesome collection of faces keeps on growing. Photo: Google

Android Wear’s awesome collection of faces keeps on growing. Photo: Google

Google today rolled out a whole bunch of new Android Wear watchfaces, including recognizable characters like Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and Terminator, and clean and simple options from brands like MUJI and Bang & Olufsen. There are 17 altogether, and you can see them all in the gallery below.


Almost five years after the original Angry Birds game made its debut, Rovio is keeping things fresh with a new update that adds 15 brand new levels. All are based on fan-favorite episodes, and they’re available now on both Android and iOS.

Angry Birds Epic

Rovio Mobile recently teased the arrival of the newest installment to the Angry Birds franchise, known as Angry Birds Epic. Today, we’re gathering information that this game could actually be a turn-based RPG or role playing game, which is unlike all Angry Birds games that we’ve played so far.

Rovio took to its official YouTube account earlier today to preview the release of a new Angry Birds game in a rather mystical and mysterious video teaser. Unfortunately, as usual, not much is revealed in the short movie in terms of gameplay, for the most part we are presented with shots of a medieval suit of armour, however, things start to get a little bit more interesting when you get to the end of the trailer.


Rovio began teasing its latest Angry Birds spinoff on Wednesday — without actually revealing the name of the new game. But based on the promotional poster above, which was posted on the studio’s new blog this morning, we now know the title will be based around the lovable Stella and her feathered friends.

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