Rovio Teases An Upcoming Angry Birds Release On YouTube

Rovio took to its official YouTube account earlier today to preview the release of a new Angry Birds game in a rather mystical and mysterious video teaser. Unfortunately, as usual, not much is revealed in the short movie in terms of gameplay, for the most part we are presented with shots of a medieval suit of armour, however, things start to get a little bit more interesting when you get to the end of the trailer.

The game is expected to make its debut appearance on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store within the next two-to-three weeks and is set to start its launch in Canada and Australia, followed by the United States, then gradually move to the rest of the world thereafter.

Sadly, the developers did not provide us with any other information, so it’s extremely hard to predict what to expect. All we do know is that Rovio will be unveiling more information about the #NewAngryBirds adventure over the next week or so on its Twitter page. So if you don’t already follow them and you wish to do so — just click here.

You can check out the trailer by either clicking on video at the top of this page or the source link below.