Angry Birds Epic Launching As A Turn-Based RPG

Angry Birds Epic

Rovio Mobile recently teased the arrival of the newest installment to the Angry Birds franchise, known as Angry Birds Epic. Today, we’re gathering information that this game could actually be a turn-based RPG or role playing game, which is unlike all Angry Birds games that we’ve played so far.

While details are very scarce at the moment, it is said that players will be able to customize weapons, armors and even play around with potions and other magical stuff. So this indicates a shift from the traditional bird slinging action, which could really be the refresh this franchise desperately needed.

The app will make its way to Australia, Canada and New Zealand next week with other countries to follow suit. Rovio hasn’t detailed if this will remain exclusive to a specific mobile OS, but it will first make its way to the iOS platform in the aforementioned regions. Android availability should commence soon after that.

What’s your take on this new twist on the Angry Birds game?