Rovio Teases An Upcoming Angry Birds Release On Twitter

Angry Birds new

Rovio took to the official Angry Birds Twitter account earlier today to tease the release of a new game, which is said to encompass a ‘big adventure’ and to help us on our travels we’ll be assisted by some great ‘new birds’.

As well as the tweeted text, an image was also posted. But much to our disappointment, the picture doesn’t reveal much about the game, it just appears to be a bunch of bird silhouettes many of which we have seen in the past, though, there are four new additions to the lineup.

Unfortunately, the developers did not provide us with any other information, so it’s extremely hard to predict what to expect. All we do know is that Rovio will be unveiling more information about the #NewAngryBirds adventure tomorrow on its Twitter page. So if you don’t already follow them and you wish to do so — click here.