Prepare For An Adventure With Stella And Her BFFs In The New Angry Birds Spinoff


Rovio began teasing its latest Angry Birds spinoff on Wednesday — without actually revealing the name of the new game. But based on the promotional poster above, which was posted on the studio’s new blog this morning, we now know the title will be based around the lovable Stella and her feathered friends.

Stella was first introduced to the series in Angry Birds Seasons, while her friends have appeared in various Rovio games, books, and toys. But the new title makes them the main focus in what appears to be a largely female-focused game that will no doubt be just as fun and as addictive as the rest of the smash-hit games.

That’s all we know about the new game at this point, though, because it’s all Rovio has told us. But according to the company’s earlier tweet, the “big adventure” will be arriving this fall. You can follow the game’s new blog via the source link below for future updates as they become available — there should be a lot more to look forward to in the coming months.

Are you looking forward to Stella, or are you growing tired of the Angry Birds franchise?