T-Mobile is axing its old unlimited family plan in favor of giving 10GB to each member. Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC

T-Mobile introduced a new family plan that’s directly targeting Verizon Wireless and isn’t shying away from it. The new plan, which offers 10GB of 4G LTE data to each family member plus unlimited talk and text starting at $100 per month, bests Verizon’s shared 10GB of data for four members at $140.

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere hasn’t been nice to competitors since taking the reigns and doesn’t seem interested in starting now. While Verizon claims its family plan is actually $80 per month, Legere argues that you’ll get charged at least $140 per month when all the additional fees add up.

Apple and Google are waging war on all fronts. Photo: Cult of Android

Apple and Google are waging war on all fronts. Photo: Cult of Android

At its I/O conference last week, Google laid out the roadmaps for its most important platforms. It has already made its way into your pocket, but over the next few years, the search giant hopes to find a place on your wrist and in your home as well.

Things aren’t so straightforward as that, though.

Apple is fighting Google for territory in a variety of areas, with iOS competing with Android, Apple Watch battling Android Wear, and HomeKit trying to beat out Brillo.

But which one has the edge that will help it reign supreme? Here’s how they stack up against each other.


Picture this! Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Android

One of the best things to come out of Google’s I/O keynote on Thursday was Google Photos, a brand new service for storing, sharing, and organizing your images and videos.

It’s totally free — no matter howFriday-Night-Fights-bug-2 many items you upload — but is it better than the competition?

In this week’s Friday Night Fight with Cult of Android versus Cult of Mac, we pit it against Apple’s iCloud Photo Library service to find out which is the best pick for your pics.

I/O started well, but went downhill fast. Photo: Google

I/O started well, but went downhill fast. Photo: Google

I had been looking forward to the Google I/O keynote for weeks before it kicked off Thursday. I was rubbing my hands together like a little kid on Christmas morning when Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president, took to the stage to reveal what the company had up its sleeve.

But when the event ended two and a half hours later, I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Santa had visited — but instead of bringing what was on my list, he’d left me with a bunch of cheap gifts I knew I’d be bored with by the time the turkey was cooked.

Don't miss Google I/O 2015! Photo: Google

Don’t miss Google I/O 2015! Photo: Google

Stuck at work and can’t tune into the Google I/O live-stream today? Don’t worry, because we’re live-blogging the whole keynote right here so you don’t have to miss a thing.

The event kicks off at 9:30 a.m. PDT (12:30 p.m. EDT), and we expect it to be a big one. In addition to Android M, you can look forward to updates for Android Wear, Android Auto, and Chrome OS; news about Android Pay, Google’s Apple Pay competitor; and maybe even new wearables.

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