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Google has confirmed plans to buy Fitbit as it looks to step up its fight against Apple Watch. The deal, worth approximately $2.1 billion, will bring new Made by Google wearables to market.

“Together, we aim to spur innovation in wearables and build helpful products to benefit more people around the world,” Google said.

Mario Kart Tour on mobile will finally get its much-anticipated multiplayer mode next month. It will initially arrive in beta, giving players the opportunity to compete online for the first time.

But there’s a catch. You can’t enjoy the beta unless you’re coughing up for the game’s Gold Pass.

Samsung has stolen one of the iPhone’s newest features in record time. Its latest Android 10 update adds the ability to shoot “slofies,” or slow-motion selfies, with a front-facing camera.

Huawei is gearing up to take on Samsung with a foldable smartphone of its own. The exciting Mate X goes on sale in China next month, but it will cost a whopping $2,400.

And you thought the Galaxy Fold was expensive?

Google’s latest Pixel smartphones might be able to compete with iPhone 11 in camera performance. But when it comes to battery life, they have no hope of keeping up.

Android fans have been slamming the Pixel 4 lineup for its poor stamina in between charges. Even if you cough up extra for the XL model, you’ll get battery life that’s “just OK.”

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