Google Maps spotlights nearby delivery and take-out restaurants

A pair of easy-to-see buttons have been added at the top of the Google Maps iPhone and Android apps to help users find restaurants in their area that offer takeout and delivery service. These point people toward nearby eateries still offering service during the coronavirus crisis.

Table service in restaurants in the US and much of the world has been suspended. But many of these business are still open, providing meals to people trying to maintain social-distancing guidelines.

Google Maps points to available restaurants

Tapping on the Takeout or Delivery button in Google Maps displays a list of eateries closeby that are still up and running. These buttons are certainly working in the US, and are also functioning in Canada and France, according to Engadget.

The rival Apple Maps, which comes reinstalled on iPhone and iPad, doesn’t offer a similar feature.

Google Maps is a free download on the App Store or Google Play.