Samsung might follow Apple by not including a charger with handsets

Samsung is reportedly considering not bundling a wall charger with future phones. This comes after reports that archrival Apple is considering the same move for the iPhone 12.

The goal is allegedly the same for both companies: reducing production costs. Taking the charger out of the box would also make shipping cheaper.

No more free Samsung charger

Industry sources told ETnews that Samsung is considering this move for some of its 2021 models. A machine translation of this Korean site says, “Samsung Electronics is discussing with related companies how to remove the charger from smartphone components.”

Several of Samsung’s top-tier handsets are far more expensive than the priciest iPhones. The Galaxy Fold starts at $1,980, for example. The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G starts at $1,399. The company is reportedly looking for ways to cut costs.

An iPhone without a charger?

After virtually every smartphone came with a basic USB-A charger for more than a decade, multiple device-makers are supposedly considering ending the practice.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in June that the 2020 iPhone won’t come with the standard wall charger. Kuo also said wired earbuds will get booted from the box. As with Samsun, the hope is to cut costs.

And not just the price of the hardware. A shipping box with only an iPhone, charging cable and a basic manual would be considerably smaller. That would lower shipping costs. The same is true for a Galaxy handset without a Samsung charger.