Adobe Photoshop Camera focuses on social networking

Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available for both iOS and Android. The free software lets users add filters and effects before they even take a picture. And it employs artificial intelligence throughout the process.

Artificial intelligence is baked right in

Unlike other Adobe apps, Photoshop Camera isn’t just for pros. It comes with a built-in expert: Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning technology. “Sensei knows what you’re taking a shot of (be it a portrait, an object, food, scenery) and automatically applies the best lens,” promises Adobe.

The software is most definitely aimed at social media, and that means influencers. Adobe even worked with Billie Eilish to develop limited-edition lenses inspired by her songs and music videos.

Lenses can be applied to any photos on the device, no matter what app they were taken with.

Plus, Photoshop Camera includes a series of filters with names like Boom, Mixed Media, Pop Art and Night Shift. They add overlays of images, colors and effects to photographs.

And there is plenty of smarts built in. The Face Light feature is designed to eliminate any sharp shadows, like under-eye bags. For group selfies, Adobe’s software recognizes where each person is positioned so there’s no more distortion. And the Boken feature makes it easy to quickly apply blurring effects.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is free to download and use

Adobe Photoshop Camera is now on the Apple App Store. Android users can grab it from the Google Play store.

The software is free. The only in-app purchase currently listed is for additional Creative Cloud storage.