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When Android L gets its public release this fall, Google will kill off the Dalvik runtime that has traditionally been the default for its popular platform and switch over to ART. Most modern devices already allow you to make this change yourself — but not all are completely ART-compatible just yet.

For instance, ART should be avoided on the LG G3, unless you don’t mind breaking things.


Compact keyboard maker Minuum today released a new teaser for its upcoming Android Wear keyboard, and it looks surprisingly usable. The short clip demonstrates exactly how we’ll operate its incredibly tiny keys, which promise to be first to bring typing to Google’s new wearable platform.


Most of us assumed bad battery life would be the biggest complaint about the first batch of Android Wear watches, but it seems not even the best battery life in the world could solve their most obvious flaw. Take an LG G Watch or a Samsung Gear Live outside on a sunny day and you’ll find they’re almost unusable.


Don’t worry, would-be LG G3 owners; Verizon did not make the handset’s battery non-removable as many previously feared. A spokesman for Big Red published an image on Twitter that confirms users can indeed get into the back of LG’s latest flagship and replace its battery as and when required.


One of the highlights of the LG G3 is that its impressive 13-megapixel camera has the ability to record super sharp 4K video, but it’s somewhat spoiled by LG’s aggressive post-processing. As is often the case, however, third-party developers have devised a tweak that makes 4K video recording even better.

It also boosts 1080p recording from 30 frames-per-second to 60 frames-per-second — but you’ll need root access to install it.

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