LG G5’s first promo videos provide a closer look at its modular ‘Friends’

The LG G5 is pretty on the outside, exciting on the inside. Photo: LG

The LG G5 is pretty on the outside, exciting on the inside. Photo: LG

After unveiling its latest flagship at Mobile World Congress this morning, LG has published the first promotional videos that give us a closer look at the G5, its many awesome features, and its modular “Friends.”

MWC-CoA-2016The clip below features its LG Cam Plus add-on, the Hi-Fi Plus developed with Bang & Olufsen, a rolling robot that keeps an eye on your home, and more.

The G5 is unlike any other smartphone on the market. Its bottom edge slides out to provide users with access to its removable battery, and you can replace it with other modules that add additional functionality.

The LG Cam Plus adds physical camera controls for zoom and the shutter button, and packs a 1,200mAh battery for additional power. The Hi-Fi Plus is a 32-bit DAC developed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen that turns the G5 into a mini boombox.

Then there’s the G5 itself, which boasts an always-on display, dual rear-facing cameras, and a fingerprint scanner.

We get a closer look at all these things and more in the four-minute teaser below.


And in case you need an extra dose of the G5, here’s another, shorter clip.

The G5 certainly looks like one of the most exciting smartphones in years. It’s not just a better version of what we already had; it actually changes the game in innovative new ways — and it’s only going to get better as we see more “Friends” accessories later on.

I’m super excited for it, and I’ll be picking one up as soon as it goes on sale in April. Will you?

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