Get LG’s new 360 Cam and VR headset for just $100 with the G5

Save $300 when you snag the VR bundle. Photo: LG/B&H

Save $300 when you snag the VR bundle. Photo: LG/B&H

Like any high-end smartphone, LG’s new G5 comes with a premium price tag — and it gets even bigger when you add the G5’s “Friends” into the mix. But not if you buy yours from B&H right now.

The retailer is currently offering the LG 360 Cam and 360 VR headset for just $100 when you buy the G5 unlocked and off-contract.

The total cost of the “VR bundle” is $749.99, whereas buying the G5 on its own from B&H would cost you $649.99. Given that the 360 Cam and 360 VR headset will be priced at $200 each when purchased separately, that’s quite a saving.

With VR taking off, a large number of G5 adopters are likely going to want to pick up the 360 VR headset at some point anyway. And it goes hand-in-hand with the 360 Cam, which lets you shoot 360-degree photos and videos you can enjoy in the headset later.

The G5 itself packs a 5.3-inch Quad HD display, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of expandable storage. It also has a 16-megapixel camera on its back, an 8-megapixel camera on its front, and USB-C connectivity.

What’s really great about the G5 is its modular design, which lets you pull out its bottom edge and replace it with different accessories that add extra functionality, such as the Bang & Olufsen audio DAC, and the Cam Plus grip with zoom wheel.

Most U.S. carriers are already selling the G5, but you’ll have to wait until early May for B&H’s VR bundle. However, you can pre-order yours now by following the source link below.