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The Galaxy S6 has a paint problem. Photo: Techblog

The Galaxy S6 has a paint problem. Photo: Techblog

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are the best smartphones Samsung has ever made — any review you read will tell you that, and having used the S6 myself for almost a week, I couldn’t agree more. But they aren’t without a few teething troubles.

The video below highlights an issue with paint chipping around the camera lens, while I’ve had problems with the Galaxy S6’s LED cover scratching worryingly easily.

LED Music Effect in action. Screenshot: Cult of Android

LED Music Effect in action. Screenshot: Cult of Android

You probably only ever notice your smartphone’s LED notification light when you have new alerts, but it can do so much more. If your handset is rooted, a new app called LED Music Effect can turn it into an awesomely colorful visualizer for your favorite tunes.


The days when light bulbs came with just two modes — on and off — are long gone. With the ilumi LED, the world’s smartest light, your lighting possibilities are almost endless. You can choose the color and brightness of your bulbs, wake up naturally with simulated sunshine, and dance the night away with party pulses.

And if you buy your ilumi LED by the end of Tuesday, you’ll get it for just $79 — $11 off its regular retail price — thanks to Cult of Android Deals.


Most Android-powered smartphones bundle a front-facing LED as a visual aid to notify users of incoming notifications. This is particularly useful in situations where users are unable to have the sound activated on their handset.

Invariably this feature can be somewhat annoying, though, as a light flashes for each and every missed call, voicemail, email and text message received. You may not wish to be alerted every time one of these notifications arrives on your handset — so today we’re showing you how to manually select which notifications the LED flashes for.


The new Galaxy S5 boasts a ton of fancy new features, but one of the things Samsung has been pushing most since the handset was unveiled back in February is its built-in heart rate sensor. But just how revolutionary is that new sensor?

Well, as it turns out, not very. In fact, based on the hands-on video below, you can get the same results using your smartphone’s camera and LED flash with an app like Heart Rate Monitor from Runtastic.

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