Save 25% on the stunning ilumi smart bulbs [Deal]


Breathe new life into drab rooms with a stunning ilumi smart buld. These color-changing LED lights, which now come in small and large options, are fully controllable and energy-efficient, and for a limited time only, you can get yours with 25% off through Cult of Android Deals.

Using the free app, you can adjust the color and brightness of your ilumi lighting or explore amazing built-in programs to experience lighting like never before. Here are some of the features:

  • Sync the light to pulse with the beat of your music
  • Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise
  • Create, save & replay your favorite lighting scenes
  • Make it look like someone’s home when you’re away
  • Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room
  • Save on your energy bill
  • Control from up to 150 feet away via Bluetooth

Plus, ilumi lasts up to 20 years and is 5x more energy efficient than a regular bulb.

For a limited time only thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can currently get the small ilumi bulb for just $44.99 down from $60, while the large option is $52.49 down from $70.