Get ilumi LED, the world’s smartest light, now for just $79 [Deal]


The days when light bulbs came with just two modes — on and off — are long gone. With the ilumi LED, the world’s smartest light, your lighting possibilities are almost endless. You can choose the color and brightness of your bulbs, wake up naturally with simulated sunshine, and dance the night away with party pulses.

And if you buy your ilumi LED by the end of Tuesday, you’ll get it for just $79 — $11 off its regular retail price — thanks to Cult of Android Deals.

Ilumi is the most amazing bulb you’ll ever buy, and it’ll change the way you interact with your home. Each light lasts an incredible 20 years, and it’s 5 times more energy efficient than a regular bulb. What’s more, ilumi teams up with your smartphone via Bluetooth to become completely customizable.

Using the companion app, you can choose the color displayed by ilumi’s LEDs — and the brightness. And thanks to its patented HyperLux technology, you get whiter whites and richer, more vibrant colors than those provided by other LED bulbs. So whether you want to wake up feeling refreshed of hold a stunning light show (just because you can), ilumi is ideal.

Here are some of ilumi’s best features:

  • Music Sync – Pulse your light to the beat of the music
  • Rise & Shine – Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise to start your day
  • Scene Snapshot – Create, save, and replay your favorite lighting scenes with one touch
  • Vacation – Let your light make it look like someone’s home, even if you’re not
  • Torch – Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room (coming soon!)
  • Individual Or Group Control – Control your ilumi Smartbulbs individually or as a group with built in Bluetooth LE wireless meshing
  • Extremely energy efficient – These bulbs lasts up to 20 years

Ilumi works with almost any Android and iOS smartphone with Bluetooth compatibility. To get your ilumi bulb, just click the button below — but remember that you only have until the end of Tuesday to get yours for just $79.