We are all a sucker for good deals on apps and games available on the Play Store. Even though these apps cost less than a cup of coffee, we patiently wait for them to go on sale so that we can buy them at half their price.

This is what makes Humble Bundle so popular, as it allows users to buy a bundle of games at any price they want, which in turn helps indie developers as well as charities. Today, the Humble Bundle team announced the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 that contains 6 quality games which you can buy at any price you want to pay.


Snapseed is fresh, innovative and fun. That’s why it’s this week’s ‘App Of The Week’.

Snapseed made its debut appearance on the Google Play Store on Thursday, December 6, 2012 and has been recognised as the most popular, elegant, fluid, futuristic, user-friendly and feature-packed third-party photo editing tool ever since. So, as a result, we’ve decided to bring the app its very own review today, here on Cult of Android.

This month saw the release of quite a few top-notch apps and games on the Play Store. A couple of apps and games were available on iOS since quite sometime and finally made their debut in the last month.

Below, we list down the best apps and games released on the Play Store in the last month. 

Every month, thousands of games are published on the Play Store from big and small developers alike. However, not all of them are worth your time, effort and money. Some are filled with IAPs that completely destroy the gameplay and are meant for minting money from the users while others are just poorly made.

To help you save the effort from distinguishing the good games from the bad ones, we list down the top 3 games released on the Play Store in February. 


More than 40+ handsets and devices were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year from big and small OEMs around the world. However, only a handful of them were the main attraction of the show.

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