Smarter watches: Android Wear works with iPhones now


iOS users can now use an iPhone with their Android Wear watch. Photo: Google

Google’s smartwatch platform, Android Wear, has officially gained support for iPhones. The Android Wear for iOS app is currently rolling out and anyone with an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can start using the Android Wear app at last. Just make sure you’re running iOS 8.2 or later.

The move comes somewhat randomly but makes total strategic sense for Google.

With Android Wear previously only supportive of Android, iPhone users were completely cut off from buying an Android Wear smartwatch because their primary phones didn’t work with it. Now at the very least if iPhone users are interested in an Android watch, they have the option to buy one without worry.

Now you’re probably thinking, wouldn’t an iPhone user just want to buy an Apple Watch anyway? Yes, the majority of iPhone users interested in a smartwatch at all will probably just stick with Apple’s own watch, but hey, brand loyalty isn’t for everyone. Android users who want an Apple Watch are still out of luck though.

Google says the Android Wear for iOS app currently only works with the LG Watch Urbane. In the future, all Android Wear watches will support the iOS app to pair with an iPhone, but the functionality is still rolling out.

If you’re an iPhone user preparing to get an Android Wear watch or already own an LG Watch Urbane, you can download Android Wear for iOS free.