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Almost five years after the original Angry Birds game made its debut, Rovio is keeping things fresh with a new update that adds 15 brand new levels. All are based on fan-favorite episodes, and they’re available now on both Android and iOS.


Rovio began teasing its latest Angry Birds spinoff on Wednesday — without actually revealing the name of the new game. But based on the promotional poster above, which was posted on the studio’s new blog this morning, we now know the title will be based around the lovable Stella and her feathered friends.

Angry Birds new

Rovio took to the official Angry Birds Twitter account earlier today to tease the release of a new game, which is said to encompass a ‘big adventure’ and to help us on our travels we’ll be assisted by some great ‘new birds’.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio, the developers of the hit games series Angry Birds, have published a blog post teasing an upcoming announcement due on Monday, July 15.


Rovio really does make its games a worthwhile investment. Angry Birds Seasons is almost two and a half years old now, and it has just received yet another 36 new levels — plus a new power-up — on Android and iOS. That’s not bad for a 99¢ game now, is it.

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