Angry Birds Seasons Update Brings 36 New Levels To Android & iOS


Rovio really does make its games a worthwhile investment. Angry Birds Seasons is almost two and a half years old now, and it has just received yet another 36 new levels — plus a new power-up — on Android and iOS. That’s not bad for a 99¢ game now, is it.

The update’s description reads:

Abra-Ca-Bacon! It’s a beautiful spring night, and the bad piggies have learned some magic tricks — and the first one is making the eggs disappear! Not to worry, the Angry Birds have some tricks up their sleeve… like the all new MAGIC PORTALS!

In addition to 36 all-new and “magical” levels, this update brings portals, a never-before-seen game mechanical that allows you to magically transport within levels. There’s also a new power-up called AllakaBAM, which adds additional exploding boxes to certain levels.

Check out the update’s release trailer below:

You can download the latest Angry Birds Seasons update now from the App Store and Google Play.