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The Kindle Fire has been one of the few tablets that’s been able to stand up to the iPad and carve out a spot on the market, but rather than keeping the specs cheap, Amazon is planning to bump the Kindle Fire up to HD status.


When it comes to small tablets, Google and Apple have been getting all the attention lately with the new Nexus 7 and iPad 5 rumors, but Amazon is preparing a new arsenal of tablets to take them out.

Amazon plans to pack Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 800 chipset into its next lineup of Kindles and even the 7-inch model is getting some decent horsepower.


The popular video sharing app Vine is now available to download on the Amazon app store, compatible with both the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. This announcement comes just days after a nifty update was introduced for Vine’s Android app, delivering the ability to use your device’s front-facing camera.


Google is gearing up to launch a second-generation Nexus 7 this July, which will cost slightly more than its predecessor at $229, according to supply chain sources in Taiwan. The search giant has supposedly upped its price tag slightly in an effort to avoid competing directly against entry-level Android tablet from other manufacturers.


It’s been almost a year since Microsoft released its SmartGlass app for Android and iOS — and now it’s just become available on the Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire.

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