Vine Now Available For The Amazon Kindle Fire


The popular video sharing app Vine is now available to download on the Amazon app store, compatible with both the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. This announcement comes just days after a nifty update was introduced for Vine’s Android app, delivering the ability to use your device’s front-facing camera.

The Vine app for Kindle is exactly the same as its sister Android application, providing users with the ability to record 6-second videos using either the front or rear-facing cameras on their device, then publish it for all your fellow Vine followers to watch, like and comment on.

Will this enough to tempt people back over from Instagram with video? Personally, I don’t think so. Vine’s old news now and Instagram video is the ‘next big thing’. Furthermore, Vine knows it, so consequently its developers are working around the clock to roll out as many updates jam-packed with new features as they possibly can, in an effort to draw people back to the app.

If you would like to grab a fee copy of the Vine app for Kindle Fire and Fire HD, click the source link below.