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BlueStacks puts Android apps your Mac. Photo: Tensickers

BlueStacks puts Android apps your Mac. Photo: Tenstickers

Android apps and games are great on pocket-sized smartphones, but they’re even better on big screens — like the 24-inch monitor sitting on your desk.┬áDon’t believe me? Check out the BlueStacks player, which lets you run almost any title built for Android on your Mac.

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Bluestacks has already developed its first Android-powered game console, the GamePop, which is currently in its pre-order stage. And it has now unveiled a second option, the GamePop Mini. The new device will also run on Jelly Bean 4.2 and will use the same subscription model as the “full-sized” console, but comes with free hardware.


This winter, a new console called the GamePop will allow you to play your favorite Android games on your high-definition television. But that’s not all you’ll be able to play. Creator Bluestacks has today announced that the GamePop will also run iOS games, and a number of big iOS developers have already signed up to support it.

I’ve barely met a person or two who love Macs but prefers to run with an Android handset instead of an iPhone. They’re a rare breed, but they’re out there, supposedly. And if you’re a Mac user who has ever been curious about the Google Play store, you’re about to be able to sample the entire buffet thanks to Bluestacks.

This morning Bluestacks announced that the latest version of the Bluestacks mobile app player will support OS X, meaning Mac users will be able to play with almost every Android app available.

Back in March, BlueStacks announced the availability of the beta-1 version of their App Player for the PC. Thanks to BlueStacks LayerCake technology, this App Player enabled Android apps to run on x86-based PCs. They’ve now taken their App Player one step further by teaming up with AMD to launch the AMD AppZone.

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