The Mac Is About To Get Invaded With Android Apps Thanks To Bluestacks

I’ve barely met a person or two who love Macs but prefers to run with an Android handset instead of an iPhone. They’re a rare breed, but they’re out there, supposedly. And if you’re a Mac user who has ever been curious about the Google Play store, you’re about to be able to sample the entire buffet thanks to Bluestacks.

This morning Bluestacks announced that the latest version of the Bluestacks mobile app player will support OS X, meaning Mac users will be able to play with almost every Android app available.

Bluestacks released their free beta version of the mobile app player on Mac that will allow users to download and install every app from the Google Play store.

A similar client for Windows was released last March that also let users play with Android apps from their Windows PC and it’s been installed more than five million times. We’ll be curious to see how large a reception Bluestack receives on the Mac – if any at all.

Apple currently doesn’t support running iOS running natively on a Mac, so it’s interesting that Bluestacks was able to put Android apps on the Mac first. Bluestacks is useful on occassions when you need to run an app where there is no desktop equivalent – like how you can only upload Instagram photos from an iPhone or Android phone.

Without a touchscreen Mac though it will be pretty awkward to try to play Android games via a mouse cursor. If you give Bluestacks a whirl on your Mac today, let us know what you think of it, and the Android apps, in the comments below.